Rental Restrictions

Hunters Glen Condominium Association, Inc.

Hunters Glen is a condominium community that is governed by the Hunters Glen Condominium Association, Inc. ("Association"), and is subject to certain covenants and use restrictions. The community and owners are subject to the Declaration of Horizontal Property Regime and of Easements, Restrictions, Covenants and By-Laws for Hunters Glen Condominium Association, Inc. (“Declaration”), which was recorded in the Hamilton County Recorder’s Office.  Pursuant to the Declaration, membership in the Association is mandatory upon acceptance of a deed to property in Hunters Glen. 

Included in the Declaration are certain restrictions regarding the renting and leasing of properties.  These provisions are outlined in Article VII, Section 7.01(n) of the Declaration.  These restrictions include a requirement that each unit owner must wait six months before renting his or her property to a non-owner occupant.  The provisions also establish that no more than twenty-two of the units in Hunters Glen may be rented or leased to non-owner occupants at any given time.  To this end, owners are required to obtain permission from the Association’s Board of Directors prior to renting or leasing their unit, as the Board will need to confirm that the “rental cap” has not been reached.  Owners remain obligated to ensure that his or her occupants, guests and the property remain in compliance with the Declaration and any rules and regulations established by the Association.

As of at least twenty-two units are rented to non-owner occupants.  Thus, any unit being sold is not currently eligible for rental.  If a new owner, after owning a unit for six months, would like to rent the property, he or she will need to request permission from the Board of Directors or from Association Management, Inc., the property management company for Hunters Glen.  They will advise as to whether the rental cap is full.  In the event that the cap is reached, the new owner may request to be placed on a waiting list.  Owners on the waiting list shall be given the opportunity to rent on a first-come/first-served basis. 

While the Association has not placed an outright ban against renting, it is concerned about preservation of property values and wishes to preserve Hunters Glen as an owner-occupied community. Statistics have shown that communities with excessive numbers of rental units tend to have less curb appeal and financial value than those that do not.  Thus, maintaining a limit on rental units provides a necessary balance between permitting owners to rent their properties and keeping Hunters Glen an attractive place in which to live. 

For any questions concerning rentals or any other Association-related matter, please visit the Contact Us Page to reach the Hunters Glen Board of Directors or Association Management, Inc.