Restrictions as to Use and Occupancy



7.01 Use and Occupancy. The Property shall be occupied and used as follows:

      (a) Each Unit or any two or more adjoining Units used together shall be used for housing and related common purposes for which the Property was designed and for no other purpose. That part of the Common Areas separating any two or more adjoining Units which are owned by the same Unit Owner may be altered or removed to afford ingress and egress to and from such adjoining Units provided, however, that (i) such alteration or removal shall not impair or weaken the structural integrity of any Unit or any portion of the Common Areas; (iI) the Unit Owner shall furnish to the Board not less than ten (10) days prior to the date Unit Owner desires to commence such work, plans detailing the work to be done; (iii) the Board consents to the performance of such work; (iv) the expense of such alterations shall be paid in full by the Unit Owner making such alterations; and (v) such Unit Owner shall pay in full the expense of restoring such Common Areas to their former condition prior to such alterations in the event such Units cease to be used together.

      (h) Nothing shall be done in any Unit or in, on or to the Common Areas which will impair the structural integrity of the Buildings or which would structurally change the Buildings except as is otherwise provided herein. No Unit Owner shall overload the electric wiring in the Buildings or operate machines, appliances, accessories or equipment in such manner as to cause, in the judgment of the Board, an unreasonable disturbance to others. No Unit Owner shall overload the floors of any Unit. The use of water beds and similar furnishings and equipment which may cause floor overloads shall be subject to Board approval.




ARC FORM (Application to Remodel or Construct)



Excerpts from
Declaration of Horizontal Property Regime and
of Easements, Restrictions, Covenants and By-Laws