The Hunters Glen Community
Carmel, Indiana

Located in the 500 Block East Carmel Drive, the Hunters Glen community consists of 21 two-story garden type buildings containing 149 condominiums. There are one-bedroom, two-bedroom, three-bedroom condominiums and one four bedroom condominuium situated on approximately 12.5 acres. A clubhouse and pool are located in the northeast portion of the property. The Hunters Glen complex was originally built as luxury apartments in 1974. Later, with the addition of a gate house, the property was converted to condominiums in the Fall of 1979.

The Hunters Glen Condominium Association, Inc. ("Association") was formed that same year and serves as the governing body for all of the residents and for the maintenance and operation of the property.

Hunters Glen is designed as an owner-occupied community. As the Association covenants restrict the number of units that may be used as rentals, the vast majority of Hunters Glen residents are on-site owners.  As of the rental cap had been reached, and any Hunters Glen condominiums currently for sale are available only as owner-occupied residences. Preserving property values is a top priority for the Hunters Glen Condominium Association. (More on Rental Restrictions)

Day to day business affairs of
Hunters Glen Condominums fall to
Association Management ,Inc.
Founded by Hoosier native
Mike Foxworthy, AMI and its team
of specialists make sure Hunters
Glen looks and runs its very best.


Each resident of Hunters Glen has a designated carport space for his or her exclusive use. Individual carports are located in front of, or adjacent to, each resident's condo. There is also plenty of additional parking spaces for guests.

Small pets are welcome
at Hunters Glen, and with
continuous sidewalks through out
the community, "walking the dog"
is a pleasant task. (More on Pets)

At the end of each common hallway is a utility room
where large trash receptacles are located. Residents
rarely "brave the elements" to take out the trash.

Throughout the winter months, snow is promptly removed from the parking lots.   Additionally, all sidewalks and steps are kept clear and salted. Wallkways stay as dry and slip-free
as possible.

During warmer weather, the Hunters Glen Swimming Pool is open for fun and relaxation. The pool season generally runs from Memorial Day through Labor Day.

The spacious Clubhouse has all the niceties, and
is available to reserve
year-round by residents.

And just for fun, one of the best seats to have for the CarmelFest 4th of July Parade is right outside the Hunters Glen entrance!


The Palladium -
1 mile
Monon Center - 1.5 mile
Clay Terrace - 2.5 miles

See Things to Do!    

Hunters Glen is within walking distance to grocers, banks, restaurants and services. Here's a few of the establishments in the neighborhood: